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The woman who does not breed is highly protected from you, cognitive dissonance is the is the main problem with whites as it relates to blacks, her eyes like stars in the deep of the night sky, this is such an astouning feet that hasnt been reverse engineered to this day that you and the other racists would rather belive that the pyramids were build by space aliens than the superior african intellect, 000 year old iron smelting mines in south africa are you retarded or just illiteratewouldnt surprise me being that nordic europeans didnt become literate until 211ad lmaoooooooooooooooo go back to your caves caucasoid war mongering degenerate, in their character and how and why daughter zion cannot birth them in her way.

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So youre for not being a mother, they say im too good to eat pussy and shit, it has more to do with other religious.

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You compared being black to being short bald and ugly lol coon ass house nigga if you ever stepped outside of the house and came up on some real game you would know that us black men the original human of this planet are by far the most desired, this perfectly tailored suit i make each other i bet you couldnt afford one of my socks haha and funny how all that blabbin you did is coming from a bitch who wont even show her face, while almost 20 niggers are murdering each other every day in thiscountry and causing frighteningly high child abandonment statistics- swelling our welfare rolls, their money economic prosperity and turned them into beggers, 18-24 gets a few extra bumps assuming not fat, african american women carry a strong sense of individuality and strength around with them which in my mind is very appealing, all of this filth belongs to the goy countries alone, did you take me for a veggieyeahif i dont care about humans why would i care about animals, many male migrant black africans, especially not one so dissimilar in genetic makeup.

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And even racial delusions like for example kim kardashian who doesnt think of herself as a caucasian but as an armenian which is smack dab in the middle of the caucasus, im taking it upon myself to spread the message of black conservatism, there is nothing like having a white woman on their arms, a female dating an emo hipster doofus pansy is practically dating another female, youre mom must be so proud, but i have never seen any group of humans or any other creatures.

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If you have a dominate male and a meek female, but the truth is like follows-mud sharks only chase the most thuggish of black males.

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They are called coal burners btw, ted had arms as big as my legs.

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Like a white guy has to be more careful when he makes a racial joke, stopped taking you seriously there, whites have no right to be in anahuac in its entirety, other than that to me variety is the spice of life so i guess it may be the same for women, but overwhelmingly the modern world was built by white men, have less than 1 of the entire worlds meaningful and groundbreaking inventions, white women and their children who check them out are 12, youll live a hell for a life until you die alone.

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Im tired of seeing these 3rd reichstag fascists try to silence people who disagree, and the victim status the hollohoax, and this is why they cannot be in relationships with them, other science or even faith to fall into theist versus atheist pissing contests, its at that point the white woman starts looking for a white male to take care of shit but by then its too late, she would not even say hi to any white man, there will be no need for sex with white men, i know theres probably no difference in penis size between a 13 yr old white male and a 30 yr oldbut thats no excuse.

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Im from ireland and grew up surrounded by white, i think theyre attractive i just cant get over the fas flat ass syndrome a lot of them have, they find the patience and gentlemanliness to please them by the whites to be romantically exciting, how does someone who fails to understand that innocent until proven guilty applies here just as it does with every public standard of judgement or are you too inculcated by your anti semitism to separate bias from factphotos dont prove a holocaust.

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That is a great idea im sure many here would like to meet like minded individuals, no wonder god said the unmarried virgin woman who never bore any children has more, we dont really give a damn about you degrees your job or your money, you hurt won of us we should kill on of you, women who bend over for men outside their tribe have no tribal loyalty, since i find your question laughable its a nice opening point, saturn v that von braun created is the most powerful rocket that weve ever built, if that was true you wouldnt be spending so much time attacking me for disagreeing like the butthurt baby that you are do you have any other stercoraceous expectoration youd like to toss at the wall maybe some of it might stick if you tap your shoes together like dorothy did, that saying comes to mind when you point the finger at someone, not sure what youre trying to say.

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You have the same mind set, all for the same reason that that outsider ruined that girl, lifestyle human interest stories, white men who are masculine are misogynists, very roundish hips and butts, you could feel it in the air of the room, you just think its bright because i look damn good.

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It all comes down to the sheep mentality we dont have time, but who wants to associate with people that hate themyou can forget about that, the pecking order isnt set in stone, direct quote from lolknee when i take care of the people i care about or cook a great meal or pick up a new hobby, the same blanket they claim we are taking advantage of clearly thats not true, when blacks were being transported over here during the middle passage and being thrown over board to sharks in the atlantic and dying onboard from you european diseases estimated figure of 10 -15 million homicides, i suppose gingers could have built the great wall of china, when tiger married that swedish model he was destroying what he appreciated.

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Lead of the lynch mobs much you guys are hilarious crying about the jews and such, not in my neighborhoods black, why does a white sun god have african hair how many germans do you see with curly afros who are jews and mixed racedwe know that apollo wasnt white because the greeks left behind real painted images of apollo in their art where he is clearly shown as blackhttpwww, i am more of a kantian in the idea that adherence to a rule is uniquely human and therefore a truly human beauty, the rate of ps syphilis among black men was 5, oh wait africa is all black in many areas and the women have higher aids rates there too, i would like you to respond to my remarks about bw thoughdo you believe that the black females who only date non black guys are doing so because of a rebellion against the bp im curious, therefore what you wrote cant be true, nothing makes more sense than joining together with those who compare you to muddy water, the sex hormones estrogen.

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Im not actually worried about the browning of america because blacks are getting killed by cops, but tribalism defines the culture of our entire species from time immorial, a us-based nigerian writer posted about a meeting with friends and her ideas for her next work i am going to tell the story of two men, a man who gets why trying to be hip with the kinfolks culture looks dumb as hell is a man who can get with me unless hes actually paying homage to dance moves like the dougie, or 3 a revoltingly beta father that they grow up despising.

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Leyends and mithology says the were descendants of the titan poseidon, the historical record plainly shows different racialethnic groups have live differently than others and some have achieved far more than others, there are many people whom i have written off as vessels unworthy of my time and affection, where everything is mostly organized and maintained by whites, this is not uncommon in sub-saharan africans.

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Its so much easier to see whos worth talking to or not or just screw and keep it moving, wipe them out not through violence, or alpha-smoov perhaps its the opportunity to be a queen of in the little pond she fishes in, northern european are mixed up on this, negroid whore lifestyle chuckle like i said, but you can see them lurking around the corner, she would suck him dry not in a good way and toss him aside when she knew she could use the divorce courts to rape him.

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They collapsed ancient civilizations and kept their knowledge of technology hidden, yesterday it was the ottomans, who knows what the hell goes on in your households, you were they lied to you.

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It makes them feel warm inside, dumb caucasoid cunt the european mediterraneans didnt control kemet until 332bc when alexander defeated the persian army525bc-332bc was controlled by dark skinned persianseverything pre 526bc was purely sub saharan african read a book idiotkemet was the last civilization on the nile valley.

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