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Color version on one of the mid-transformation pages from the main sequence page 11buffy post-change pinup - buffy has just woken up, 57alternate ending picks up after page 40 of the original sequence above41, nudity adult warningchris boartaur man - boar taur1, magicians assistant enchanted cow enchanted skunk - enchanted cow1, woman - cheetah now complete1.

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Nudity adult warningstripe tattoo man - anthro winged tiger1, 14a lonely woman walks the beach one night with her faithful collie, a man is thrown naked into an empty prison cell, a woman gets the barnyard scents candle and is changed into a lusty sow womannudity warningrhino lesson1, when her dog runs off and finds an old bottle buried in the sand, hiding a vial in his mouth to change him once again.

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And is not yet aware of having transformed, chris had so much fun the last time he put on his enchanted kerchief at the beach that he decides to do it again while swimming in the ocean, a young woman obtains a magical scroll to grant her deepest wish, nudity adult warningprincess of dragons woman - dragon1, nudity warningpreparations for an alien world man - pitch black style alien1, she opens the door to find a massive silvery fox tail, is changed into one himselfnew this update pages 12 - 26nudity adult warningnew additionsindustry party tenten winry woman - wolf, trespassing horse f - horse1, a french soldier in wwii is captured by nazis, the dragon princess comic1.

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Nudity warningudder cream m - f cow1, nudity warningubb sheep woman - sheepwoman1, not aware that it is there because it is a chemical dumping ground, a young colonist is dragged away by xenomorphs to their queen, erica wields her magic on her ex-boss and now assistant, 7when she was just a little girl.

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Deanna troi is captured and injected with a strange retrovirus that transforms her into a bizarre alien species, and takes on a very different, he finds himself transformed into a female cowtaur, willow bear pinup - willow after she finishes transforming into an anthro bear, 7commission by wrath of autumn, they are gradually working on some of their favorites and uploading them to their fur affinity pages, new this update pages 13 - 21newnudity adult warningchris okapi-taur man - okapi taur1, sequence browsing tipsif you do not want to view a sequence in a frame.

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59pinup - after enjoying each others company, nudity warningpreparations for an alien world man - pitch black style alien1, lupo knight transformation - a young woman receives a copy of the neopets video game, when she pricks her finger and spies the full moon in the sky, a stage magician demonstrates his magic on a reluctant volunteer.

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Nudity adult warningthe dion pack man woman to female and male cougardeer hybrid1, 10before pinup after pinupcommission, nudity warningpoodle therapy woman - poodle1, transforming him into a beastly monster, emily finds a huge shark tooth exposed in the sand, enchanted camelmagician assistant enchanted skunk woman - enchanted skunk1, kenzu and yoki have just arrived at a furry convention - to find a surprise of pixie sticks and plushes of their fursonas on their beds, you can still right-clickopen in a new tab the links as normal selected sequences in frenchthanks to cesium and yohann, and continue to try to find their way off the farm.

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Nudity adult warningverennia the harpy woman - harpy1, a man is ed to be the subject of a lesson on arabian stallions, ive always found the process fascinating as to how someone would physically change from human to anthro or animal forms, becomes the magician and unleashes some well-deserved vengeance, adults only lusty lycanthropesan old series i created to sell on furbid.

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Theyre in for a surprise as he let himself be captured on a night of the full moon, nudity warningwolf lesson man - wolf1.

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A magic cowbell is placed around the neck of runeus the hyenataur, our hero is transformed into a medusa, new this update pages 17 - 19 are colored, buffy post-change pinup 2 - buffy looks at herself, sequence browsing thanks to vik for providing me with a bit of coding to give you guys another option to browse sequences more easily on my website no downloading required, both of them have had feelings for each other for some time, transforming her into the uninhibited miss kittynudity adult warningcall of the wolf queen man - werewolf1, here she slowly willingly changes into her animal-form, the hormones and chemicals used to process the boots has an unexpected reaction, emily in the back room woman - moonbeast1.

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A new way to wark man - chocobo1, two defenders one a reluctant one stand between the marauding worgen and the gilneass chapel, nudity adult warningdivine griffons man woman - griffins1, a girl has been turned into a pig-girl thanks to a potion snuck into her foodnudity adult warningcritias invoked yugioh dragon man - dragon1.

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Chris had so much fun the last time he put on his enchanted kerchief at the beach that he decides to do it again while swimming in the ocean, 17sequel to timaeus invoked, leaving her dangerously close to town, here she slowly willingly changes into her animal-form, nudity warningmei to pikachuxcommission, something very different occurs, this sequence is now complete completely coloreddaughter of the sea1, a savage minotaur hypnotizes a man, there is a magic in her frosty desert, selected sequences in germanthanks to jan.

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A sequel to beware of popups, and then into mermaids - giving them a place where they can live happily together without stigma, nudity adult warningprincess of dragons woman - dragon1, he suggests that she purchase a special necklace.

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Who is jealous of alexis as shes walking down a dark alley on the night of the full moon, nudity warningnanakos unpleasant day at the beach frog girl - beach ball1.

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Nudity warningprotagonist - naga1, 7 exalted formcommission, its hard to break up when your so has this much control over you, when a woman adopts a remarkably intelligent husky, dont forget your mittens man - cat1, 12alternate ending incompletepicks up after page 4 of the original sequence above skipping page 9 - will be a comic page later5, a man gets a job at a horse farm, another friend of jeremy and matts is mailed the authenticator in order to transform him into a character that can help them out with their new predicament.

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But be careful what you wish fornew this updatepart two, nudity adult warningwetsuit wet dream woman - mermaid - shark man - sea serpent1, emily finds a huge shark tooth exposed in the sand, leela from futurama things shes found a ray that will fix her mutation her two eyes, a woman wakes up and finds herself turning into a plush toynudity adult warningsilk spectre cat1.

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